Alexander Fleming's death-defying worldly-wonder antibiotic drugs have saved us for the last 90 years. But bacterial resistance is growing, doomsday approaches. What better way to fight back than with a Musical of epic proportions?
Stage Version

The stage version of #ThatMould premiered at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a sell-out three-week run featuring a professional cast, live band and chorus of healthcare professionals. Find out latest news here...

Schools Version

Calling all pupils, parents, teachers, governors - will you join the fight and put on your own production of #ThatMould? Find out more about this FREE resource from Charades Musicals...

Antimicrobial resistance
is a major global public health threat

The important message of the rise of antibiotic resistance and the fragile future of antibiotics needs to rapidly reach all corners of society. Performing a musical is a truly interactive experience that will immerse a child in the evocative story of antibiotics and have a profound effect on their knowledge and understanding of the subject. A child’s involvement in a musical impacts the entire school community and three generations; their siblings, parents and grandparents.

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